Who We Are

We are a group of PhD students, professors, and undergraduate researchers based out of the University of North Carolina, Rutgers University, and Yale University's chemistry departments. Funded by the National Science Foundation's Critical Aspects of Sustainability program, we investigate catalytic systems that will benefit society. Many industrial processes have significant energy demands and produce large amounts of chemical waste. Catalysis can help alleviate these requirements and allow for more sustainable production.

One of our goals is to engage in meaningful outreach to educate the public about the work that we do. To this end, we have developed a number of demonstrations and lessons for various levels of understanding to teach about catalysis and practice the scientific method. These lessons have successfully been implemented, in both virtual and in-person formats, at several schools for their chemistry classes. For in-person lessons, PhD students travel to the schools to teach the lessons and lead the experiments. When this was not possible, we adapted to a Zoom format and gave virtual lectures followed by guiding the students through experiments with a webcam. We have also designed and taught several courses on catalysis that were featured in science programs over the summer for high school students.

Through this outreach, we hope to teach about the importance of chemical sustainability and catalysis and also to foster interest and excitement for science in our students. The resources here are available to teach these lessons, and we encourage you to contact us should you have any questions.

More information about us:

Meet the researchers and find some of our work here.

UNC: The Miller Group

Rutgers: The Goldman Group

Yale: The Holland Group

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